High Holidays are Upon Us!

These Kofim cuties are always on the go!

We have been spending this last month getting ready for the High Holidays.   In Jewish Studies, Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel had the little ones practice Tashlich, the ritual where we “take the bad things that we did”  and “put” them in a piece of bread and throw them away in the pond!

We also learned about Yom Kippur through the Torah story of Jonah and the whale.   And now it is time to talk about Sukkot!  We have been working hard in class painting beautiful, colorful fruit to hang in our very own Sukkah here at the JJC.  Look for it!  Our pieces will have “Kofim I” written on them.

In science and gardening with Ms. Heather, we have been planting seeds, learning how rain happens, and talking about bridge construction!  The Kofim bunch even got build their own bridges with blocks and construction paper to see which one was the strongest!

As you can see from the pictures below, we also just have tons of fun!  Play doh is one of our favorite things to do, which helps strengthen our fine motor skills.  For our gross motor skills, the playground is where they love to be; there they love to run, jump, climb, slide, and swing.

Enjoy these cute picutres…unitl next month!


Ms. Billie & Ms. Brooke

Family Love!
Learning about different apples for Rosh Hashana
Pretend “pond” for Tashlich
Planting seeds!
Comparing and contrasting apples for Rosh Hashana!
Preschool wide Shabbat!
So MUCH fun in Music Class with Ms. Emily!
Circle time!
We painted with vegatables in Gardening!
Science fun with baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide
Sweet friends
September 1st Birthday Girl!
This guy is sooo excited by his awesome stacking skills!!
constructing bridges!
Painting fruit for Sukkot
Seriously?!?! Does it get any cuter?!?!
Playground fun is a favorite!
Sweet brothers!
Just some girls doing some coloring 🙂

A New Beginning in Kofim I!


Ms. Brooke and I are so excited to start the new school year with your two-year-old’s!  We are off to an amazing start.  Your little one has already adjusted to our new room and is so excited to explore their new space, activities and toys.   We love that most of our class are already familiar with us, having been students of ours last year, and LOVE getting to know and hug on the ones that we did not have last year 🙂


We have been coloring, painting, stamping, and playing with play dough!  We are also practicing our handwashing skills several times throughout the day and having circle time every morning with our classroom mascot, a big monkey, named Uncle Ira!  Ask you child about him. They love it when HE sings the morning songs 😊


Boy, are we busy here in Kofim 1!  In addition to our daily circle time, meals and art, we have so many awesome resources.

We have Jewish studies with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam three days a week.  The class was even given their own little siddur!  They are passed out and we practice “reading” our morning prayers from them 😊 We are learning about Rosh Hashanah right now.  Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam are teaching them all about the shofar, apples and honey..for a sweet new year!


Science and Gardening with our new teacher, Ms. Heather, is a little messy, but your littles love it and it is so good for them!  They are getting their hands in the dirt, pulling weeds and finding all kinds of creatures like frogs, lizards, and caterpillars.  One day she had them wear sticky bracelets so the class could stick foliage from the garden on them.  One student found a carrot!


We also have music with our very own Ms. Emily Carpenter.  Her charismatic personality and beautiful, sing-song voice make for an EPIC time singing songs and playing instruments!

Ms. Trudy is a blast as our P.E. teacher; we did aleph bet Yoga the first week of school with her!


Get ready to hear your little ones talk about all kinds of things.  We have “Class Rules” we go over every day, sometime twice 😊 We also sing a “Days of the Week” song, and  “12 months of the year song” every morning in circle time.  We talk about a different shape and color every month too; this month the color is yellow and the shape is a circle.


Next week, our theme will be based on “All about Me”, where will learn and talk about …ourselves!  Body parts, families and interactions will be topics of our books, discussions and even our art projects.  After that, we will start talking about Rosh Hashanah! Yes, it is coming up fast 😊


From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU for allowing us the pleasure of being with your toddler every day.  We adore each one and make sure that even when they cannot be with you, they are getting LOVE.


Ms. Billie and Ms. Brooke



Welcome Families! Let’s Stay Connected

We would like to welcome our Kofim 1 Class to the DuBow Preschool!

There are many ways that you can stay connected to your child(ren)’s class!
This blog will be updated periodically with classroom info. It’s a great place to find out about some of the activities and programming that we offer. Your teachers may also send periodic emails with classroom info as well.

The DuBow Preschool and Martin J. Gottlieb Day School also send out a weekly email to keep everyone updated with school happenings. You can see an example of this email HERE.  If you are not receiving these emails, please email amanda.watsky@mjgds.org for additional assistance.

If you enjoy social media, you can follow the DuBow Preschool on Facebook or Instagram for quick photos and information.

Let’s have an amazing year!

End of a great year in Kofim.

Dear Parents,

We can’t believe it’s the end of our Kofim year. We have watched your children learn and grow so much this year . They came into our classroom a little shy and apprehensive but have blossomed into kids ready for Parparim.This week we enjoyed taking a field trip to the front of the School to look at the Papparim classrooms. Ms. Amy and I are so grateful to all of our Parents that took such an active roll in nurturing and raising wonderful children. We are especially grateful to all of our parents involemet in making this a fantastic year at DuBow Preschool .We thank you for your  ongoing support.

We wish all students and families a wonderful fun and adventurous summer.

Ms. Melissa and Ms. Amy


This month our color is purple, the shape is a heart and the number is 8. 

Our theme this month is all about spring. We’ve  talked about caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies, flower gardens, we made a flower garden and sprinkling can using paper, we had each child pretend they were watering the flower garden with the sprinkling can they had made, they had fun taking turns pretending they were watering the flowers. 

In Jewish Studies we celebrated Isreal’s birthday and even took an exciting pretend trip to Isreal, the kids had fun pretending they were riding in an airplane. They were asked what they would pack in their suitcase for the trip, they said water and snacks, one even said a toothbrush, it was fun hearing their responses. It was nice to see everyone dressed in white and blue in honor of Isreal’s 69th birthday.

Just a reminder tomorrow May 5th are teacher/parent conferences. We are looking forward to meet with each parent and discuss your child’s progress.

May 9th My Gym will be cunducting P.E.

May 12 th All school Shabbat and Mothers Day celebration 

May Water play day 

May  29 th  Memorial Day school closed

May 30th Noon dismissal 

May 31 st- Thursday, June 1st School closed for Shavout

April / Passover photos


  March is almost over and Passover is right around the corner. 

During Jewish Studies we’ve been practicing songs  for Passover, a few of the songs have  been  Bake A Matzah , Make Charoset, Ma Nishtanah, Moses, Oh Listen King Pharoah, Frogs, along with many others. 

During art we’ve had the kids make their Elijah cups using glue and vibrant color’s of tissue paper, along with coloring their sedar plate using crayons, both of these projects have been an awesome fine motor skill.

We’ve been reviewing our  shapes by playing the shape matching game. The kids love to find shapes around the classroom that match the ones in our magical shape hat!

Next week we will be practicing our Model Seder . The kids love to sing and practice sitting as well as tasting all the different foods from the Sedar plate.

Regular Preschool will be closed for Spring Break  April 10-18 . 

Wishing all of our Families a safe and happy Passover Holiday

Ms.Amy and Ms.Melissa

Purim photos

Purim Fun

The kids liked making humantashan in class, they were able to choose chocolate chips, strawberry jam or both for the filling.

During art we made several Purim crafts, groggers where we had them put beans inside a plastic egg and had them decorate it with markers and stickers. We also made a collage with the the shape of a triangle to represent the humantashan. They had fun painting paper plates with spring color’s for their basket of Purim treats. They also had fun decorating their own mask with several color’s of paint and glitter.

The kids were so excited to come to school in a costume to celebrate Purim and also watched a puppet show put on by Mrs. Davis. 

We hope eveyone had a wonderful Purim celebration !

We can’t believe it’s already the middle of March ! Where does the time go? Soon we will be learning all about Passover.
We would like to Thank all the parents and grandparents who participated in our mystery reader weekly program. A very special thank you to Alyson Sommers for organizing such a wonderful and fun program. Our students have really enjoyed it. 

Thank You 

Ms.Amy and Ms. Melissa 

February photos