Welcome Back to School!




  Welcome to our class!!!  It’s going to be an exciting week with lots of new adventures!  We have already started learning about each other, our room and routine.  We are also starting our unit on Rosh Hashanah and learning about the symbols of Rosh Hashanah (apples, honey, and the shofar).  We will be making and mailing cards to our grandparents or special friends to wish them L’Shana Tova!   If you have not sent in your addresses or have thought of someone else you would like us to mail a card to, please send it in.  On Tuesday we will be sorting apples by color and size, and we will talk about small, medium & large, and arranging them by size.  We will also have a taste test, go on an apple hunt and use them when we make apple puff pastry.   On Wednesday and Thursday we will be making apple prints (painting with apples) so please wear clothes that can get messy!  Friday we will celebrate Shabbat and you can dress up a little if you want to.  (We will not do any painting or messy stuff on Shabbat days.)



Resource classes:

Mon. – Discovery (Science)   @9:45

M&W – Jewish Studies   @10:35

Tues. – Cooking   @9:00

            – Music @10:45

Thurs. – Fitness @10:45 (please wear sneakers)

Fri – Shabbat @ 9:00


Home Learning Opportunities:

        Take your child to the market and let them pick out one red apple, one green apple, and one yellow apple to bring to school on Monday (next week 8/26).  Cut open an apple and ask your child to tell you about the star inside.


Parent Reminders:

Don’t forget your school supplies.

Bring Tzedukah (a can of food or change in a Ziploc bag)

 for Friday.



Dates to Remember:


Sept. 2 -Labor Day -No school or KC.

Sept. 4- Noon dismissal.  KC till 5.

                   Sept.5 – Rosh Hashanah No School or KC.

Sept.6 – Rosh Hashanah No School or KC.

Sept. 13- Noon dismissal- ErevYom Kipper.  KC till5.

Sept. 18- Noon dismissal.  KC till 5.

Sept.19 – Sukkot- No School or KC.

Sept. 20- Sukkot- No school or KC.

Sept.23- Kofim in school Sukkah hop

Sept. 25-Noon dismissal.

Sept.26-Shemini Atzeret- No School or KC.

Sept.27-Simchat Torah-No school or KC.

          Hebrew word of the week: Tapuach- apple