A New Beginning in Kofim I!


Ms. Brooke and I are so excited to start the new school year with your two-year-old’s!  We are off to an amazing start.  Your little one has already adjusted to our new room and is so excited to explore their new space, activities and toys.   We love that most of our class are already familiar with us, having been students of ours last year, and LOVE getting to know and hug on the ones that we did not have last year 🙂


We have been coloring, painting, stamping, and playing with play dough!  We are also practicing our handwashing skills several times throughout the day and having circle time every morning with our classroom mascot, a big monkey, named Uncle Ira!  Ask you child about him. They love it when HE sings the morning songs 😊


Boy, are we busy here in Kofim 1!  In addition to our daily circle time, meals and art, we have so many awesome resources.

We have Jewish studies with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam three days a week.  The class was even given their own little siddur!  They are passed out and we practice “reading” our morning prayers from them 😊 We are learning about Rosh Hashanah right now.  Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam are teaching them all about the shofar, apples and honey..for a sweet new year!


Science and Gardening with our new teacher, Ms. Heather, is a little messy, but your littles love it and it is so good for them!  They are getting their hands in the dirt, pulling weeds and finding all kinds of creatures like frogs, lizards, and caterpillars.  One day she had them wear sticky bracelets so the class could stick foliage from the garden on them.  One student found a carrot!


We also have music with our very own Ms. Emily Carpenter.  Her charismatic personality and beautiful, sing-song voice make for an EPIC time singing songs and playing instruments!

Ms. Trudy is a blast as our P.E. teacher; we did aleph bet Yoga the first week of school with her!


Get ready to hear your little ones talk about all kinds of things.  We have “Class Rules” we go over every day, sometime twice 😊 We also sing a “Days of the Week” song, and  “12 months of the year song” every morning in circle time.  We talk about a different shape and color every month too; this month the color is yellow and the shape is a circle.


Next week, our theme will be based on “All about Me”, where will learn and talk about …ourselves!  Body parts, families and interactions will be topics of our books, discussions and even our art projects.  After that, we will start talking about Rosh Hashanah! Yes, it is coming up fast 😊


From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU for allowing us the pleasure of being with your toddler every day.  We adore each one and make sure that even when they cannot be with you, they are getting LOVE.


Ms. Billie and Ms. Brooke