April 15 -April 19, 2013

Highlights of this Week:
We learned about air/ wind this week and I hope you liked the hover craft we made out of a CD in discovery with Mr. Greg. We also went on a bug hunt and found some bugs in the garden that we wish didn’t live there! Ms. Mimi to the rescue, she’s going to take care of them!! We also learned about rain, rainclouds and rainbows this week. We even did an experiment and learned how rain falls from clouds.
Coming Up Next Week:
We will be celebrating Yom H’Atzmaut on Monday so please wear blue & white.  We will be continuing our unit on spring, focusing this week on birds. We will be learning about ducks, chickens, cardinals, blue jays and robins and what their life style is like in the spring. We will be learning about eggs, nests, feathers, and mommy and daddy birds and how they look, comparing them and the chicks. Hopefully we will be hatching some birds in a few weeks. On Tuesday we will be making edible birds’ nests. Friday (4/19) is conference day and there is no school.  If you do not know when your scheduled conference is please let me know or call the office.

Home Learning Opportunities:
1. Go to a park or wooded area and bird watch. What kind of birds do you see? Look for bird nests. The Canada geese that live in our pond area at school have hatched some babies come check them out!
2. Go to the grocery store and check out the different kinds of eggs they have. Check out the colors and sizes. Which do you like to eat?

Dates to Remember:

April 14 – Community University (A day of learning)
April 15 –Yom H’Atzmaut (wear blue & white)
April 19 –Parent /Teacher conference day
May 3 –Preschool Shabbat dinner
May 10 – Mother’s Day program

Parent Reminders:
Community University (A day of learning)
Is on Sunday April 14 everyone is invited to come! Please register on line. Ms. Alex and I will be teaching your children in our regular class that day too!

Aba & Ema: N/A
Shabbat box: N/A
Shabbat book: N/A

Hebrew words of the week:
Kachole- blue & Lavan – white

Happy birthday to:
Teagan 4/21