April 22 – May 3, 2013

Highlights of this Week:

We learned about animal footprints and we made plaster casts of Daisy and Petunia’s footprints for our science center with Mr. Greg in Discovery. Daisy and Petunia are our school guinea pigs.  We also learned about birds and their life cycles.  We celebrated Yom H’Atzmaut with a fun birthday party and cake, we also celebrated the birth of Teagan’s baby brother!  She is a proud big sister and we are so happy for her family.

Coming Up Next Week:


WE’RE GOING BUGGY!!!   The next two weeks we will be learning about different kinds of bugs, creepy crawlies and insects.  This week we will learn about caterpillars, chrysalis, cocoons, butterflies, worms, bees and ladybugs.   We will even have a few live bugs in our class.  We will be making Ants on a log on Tuesday for cooking.

My son is getting married so I am taking a few days off. I will be out of school April 24 ,25, 26, 29 and 30.  Ms. Amy will be my substitute on these days.  The children already know her as she has helped out in our class before and she works in Kids Club.  I am also including information about next week’s lesson plans in this  since I am going to be out part of that week (Monday and Tuesday).


We’re still buggy!!  We will be learning about fireflies, grasshoppers, dragonflies, crickets and spiders.  On Tuesday we will be making butterfly cakes for cooking. We will be fly-swatter painting on Wednesday so dress in clothes that can get messy!  We will also go on a bug hunt and make bug boxes this week.   


Home Learning Opportunities:

1.)          Go to the zoo and check out the butterfly garden/ habitat.

2.)          Look for bugs in your own backyard.


Dates to Remember:

April 19 – Conference Day – I look forward to meeting with you!

May 3 –Preschool Shabbat dinner – Sign up today!

May 10 – Mother’s Day program



Parent Reminders:


Aba & Ema: Madyson & Tobey

Shabbat box: Logan & Barrett

Shabbat book: Liam


Hebrew words of the week:

Parpar – Butterfly & ants – Nemalim