Challah Baking…

We spent time creating great keepsakes for your homes that we passed out at Shoobee Doobee Shabbat.

The challah covers were tye-dyed by your little ones.  You may remember a post a while ago about some of the surprises that we had in store for you.  Each of your little ones dyed their own covers and stamped their own stars on.  Ms. Betty and I simply washed them so the colors wouldn’t run for you and added the ‘Shabbat’ stamp to it.  We also hope you all enjoyed the Shabbat salt dough candlestick holders that are imprints of your child’s hands, the kiddush cups that they decoupaged (a big Toda Raba to Ms. Betty for including the prayer on the cups!) and as a fine motor activity we wrapped the candles with a pipe cleaner to keep them together.  In your bag was also a challah made by your child.  Ms. Betty and I also made a few extra for any of our friends that were absent.  We hope that you all enjoyed them!   Baking in general is one of our favorite things to do in class!


Hope you all enjoyed the goodies!


First you take the challah and you kneed it, you kneed it, you kneed-kneed-kneed it! 🙂


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