Creating Stories



We are continuing our adventures around the farm this week with some new activities.
We read stories every day, but sometimes we enjoy creating our own!  We have a new felt board in the class that allows us to talk about general stories and their settings, while allowing each student to tell their own version of their story and to change the direction that our story may be going in.  Our settings this week include a farmer on a tractor, a garden, animals in a pasture, and a mother chicken laying eggs.  Every student then gets to pull out a felt piece from our grab bag that is either a person, animal, vegetable, or other integral part to our story.  Then they get to decide where to put them on the boards and we all talk about what is happening as we go.  We have all shared some laughs as we put a horse in the back of the tractor, or even just enjoyed adding more eggs for the mother hen to take care of and counting them to see exactly how many there were.



On Monday we made little chick friends that hatched out of eggs.  Today we made sheep and added a fall farm animal sensory bin to our classroom.  We are going to continue the week with more arts and crafts and we may even learn how to milk a cow or two… pictures to follow!

We also had a blast at science this week.  I took a small video clip to show you how much fun we have weekly in science, but I’m having a small issue getting the video to link correctly in the blog and so I will have that up as soon as I can for you.

We are also working with the kids on creating a mural on our back window and creating some new bulletin boards in the classroom that help us identify different colors and also help us learn about the weather!  We will update you all with photos and blog posts as often as we can.

We are off to a great week!  We hope you are too.