Dec. 10 -Dec.14,2012

Highlights of this Week:

We learned about making shadows and about light and dark with Mr. Greg.  We also made cool shadows that were three colors, red, blue and green.  We practiced for our program which is Monday night!!!  We also worked on our special projects and our menorahs and place-mats.

Coming Up Next Week:

We will have our program on Monday night.  Please have your child in our room by 5:30 so we can get ready.  Monday we will be finishing up our Chanukah projects.  Tuesday we will cook Chanukah cookies for our party that will be on Wednesday.  Thursday we will be getting a little bit of a head start on winter by making snowflakes. We will also be having a visit from Morah Menorah!!!


Home Learning Opportunities:

Sing all (or some) of the Chanukah songs you know when you light your own menorah at home.  Make and eat some latkes with your family. Don’t forget to play dreidles!

Dates to Remember:

 Dec.10- Hanukkah program / dinner  DON’T MISS IT!!!

Dec. 12- our class Hanukkah party!

Dec. 17- Jan.  2-Winter break

Jan. 18- preschool in- service day No school / KC by reservation only                         


Parent Reminders:

We will be having our class Hanukkah party on Wednesday and would like for each child to bring in $5 so we can purchase things for a piñata party. Thanks.


Please be at school and in our classroom by 5:30 on Monday night so we have time to get ready.

Have a great winter break and happy New Year!!!  See you next year!


Aba & Ema:  Sammy and Sophie

Shabbat box: none

Shabbat book: none


Hebrew word of the week:

Nerot -candles

Happy birthday to:

Mara 12/21/2012