Down on the Farm! October 21- October 25, 2013

Highlights of this Week:

This week we were still enjoying the presence of fall.  On nature walks we counted geese, searched for squirrels and racoons, and looked for other woodland animals and signs of fall.  We have been active in our garden, and I can confirm that all of our kofim have ‘a green thumb’!  And it is not just from the finger paints…

We released lady bugs into our garden.  We have enjoyed working outside and talking about what it takes to grow a garden and our mouths water when we talk about all the great food we are expecting to see soon.  We have been enjoying learning about fruits and vegetables, how they grow and what they taste like.  This week we sampled spaghetti squash and butternut squash.
Next time you are at the preschool you should check out our garden.  The plants may be small now, but they are full of life and potential.. much like our kofim!


We also made our scare crows and had a fun week of playing in hay.  We made roads and truck obstacle courses with it.  We used it for crafts and art.  We also just had a couple of good old fashioned hay jumps.  It was so much fun!



We hope all of you at home are enjoying a Happy Fall!



Coming Up Next Week:

We have been playing in hay, eating so many great fruits and vegetables, and learning all about growing food.  This week coming up we will be taking a trip to the farm!  We will be learning about farm animals and some of the helpful tools that farmers use.  

Home Learning Opportunities:

  1. Our little ones love making noise!  Ask them about the sounds that different animals make.
  2. While you are cooking, talk about where the food you are cooking from comes from.  Talk about how milk comes from cows, and the types of tools that the farmers may have used to get the fruit and vegetables collected and to the grocery store.

Dates to Remember:

Oct. 28 -31- Picture week! (Candid on Monday & Indv. On Wed.)                     

November 1st – Parent-teacher conferences.  I will be contacting all the parents in order to make sure we have an appointment that works with your schedule as best we can.


Aba & Ema: Remelina and Arthur

Shabbat box: Madison

Shabbat book: Remelina


Hebrew word of the week:

Cow       Pah-RAH