Fun with Shapes and Colors!



Our trip to the farm was a success!  By the end of the week, all of the kids had helped us create this fantastic window mural.  I smile every time I see it, it is wonderful.  Thank you to all of our kids for contributing to it and especially to Ms. Betty for having such a great idea!

We had a great week talking about farms.  We played with horses big and small, created stories about farmers and farms, and we read books galore!  Our crafts this week included making chickens and chicks, cows, &  sheep.





This week we also enjoyed a special Shabbat program with our friends.  We had a great time talking about dressing up (notice dress up shoes are optional) for Shabbat, singing and dancing to our favorite Shabbat songs, and we also had some hands on fun with some challah, candles, and wine that Ms. Betty brought in.

IMG_4324 IMG_4326


This week we will be working with colors and shapes.  We have created a color bulletin board and we will be making crafts for all of the colors, and throughout the year as we make crafts we will add it to our board.  I’m sure that very soon we will have a board full of every color in the rainbow!  We will be having fun with a new colorful sensory table, and enjoying some hands on learning with sorting and shape bean bag play.  I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned.

Also, as a reminder, this week are individual student photos.  Tomorrow the photographer will be going through the school taking some candid shots.  Wednesday is our day for photos.  Remember to dress accordingly on those days and we will do our best to keep everyone clean and sparkly.  On Wednesday, if you are concerned at all about them ruining any dress up clothes, feel free to pack an extra pair of clothes and we can try and change them after photos time permitting.  We aren’t exactly sure what time we will get called, but we will do our best.

This Friday (Nov 1) is Conference Day.  There is no school for the kids, but we will be in our room throughout the day and hope to see all of you then!  There will be no Shabbat bag or Shabbat box this week because of conference day.

Have a great upcoming week!