Had to go outside today… We were feeling a little Buggy!

Let me start off by saying “Welcome Back!”.  I hope you all had a fabulous spring break and had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

It is hard to believe we are getting into the swing of coming back to class from spring break, and looking at the calendar we realized that we do not have that much time until the end of the school year!  We have some great events planned from now until then.  We have planned our upcoming lessons and we have some wonderfully fun themes coming up.. bugs, birds, ocean life, and much more!

This week our unit is about bugs of all sizes and shapes.  Today we dove right in to the lesson.  After we read our story in circle time we went out for our usual science time, and had a bug hunt!  We used some new and really interesting tools for collections: bug nets, tweezers, magnifying glasses, etc.  We tried to catch bugs in the air, in the grass, and we even broke open some old abandoned logs that were decomposing to see if we could find something exciting!  We all had a blast and we did find some cool creatures.  We found one little guy, I’m guessing it is a centipede of sorts?? but the kids named him “legs”.  I found it fitting! 🙂


IMG_7508 IMG_7525 IMG_7526 IMG_7527


Last week we spent most of the week letting the kids get back into their usual routines, but we also talked a bit about our unit on ‘weather’.  Ms. Melissa found a really great book and created an interactive circle time with felt pieces where kids could match interpretations of cloud shapes to the story and then we all made our own clouds.  We gave the children the option of gluing on cotton balls to make fluffly clouds or putting paint on paper and folding it to create symmetrical pictures… and when the children were done we asked them what their clouds looked like to them.  We had some great answers!  We also went outside to see if we could interpret cloud formations in real life, but don’t you know there was not one cloud in the sky when we went outside?!?  We did a little improv and we drew clouds on the ground that we jumped and counted with and the kids also tried to draw their own cloud shapes.  We also talked a little bit about wind and made wind chimes, and we experienced the beautiful sun first hand when we were out playing! 🙂

IMG_7454 IMG_7410 IMG_7411 IMG_7414 IMG_7413 IMG_7416 IMG_7425 IMG_7428 IMG_7430 IMG_7433 IMG_7439 IMG_7441 IMG_7440 IMG_7443


Here is some important information for the next few weeks…


ASQ’s :  As many of you may remember from the fall/winter conferences, ASQ’s are evaluations that we give the children just to let you know how they are progressing.  In the next week or two I will be performing the ASQ evaluation on each child so that I can give you the results at our spring conference.  At this conference we will be able to see the kind of progress that your little one has made since the beginning of the year.  I am truly amazed at how many of our students have grown in a variety of areas!

May 5-May 9th: Spring Photos – During this week Spring Photos will be taken of your little one.  The schedule for exact pictures and classes is not out yet, but as soon as it is I will let you know.  I wanted to let everyone know they were coming! 🙂

Save the Date: May 9th at 11:00 a.m.Please join as as we celebrate a special Mother’s Day Shabbat!  We would like to get together and celebrate all of the lovely ladies that take such good care of us!  Moms, grandmas, aunts… all are welcome!

Wipes: We are running low on wipes again.  We had some families bring in some extra.. if you haven’t brought any extra in, or have extra in your home that you can spare, or have a little one still in diapers… if you could bring in a pack of wipes to help get us through to the end of the year that would be awesome!

Diaper sheets today:  Today during lunch we had a fire drill and I completely forgot to put the diaper sheets into over half of the kids’ bags today.  I am so sorry!  I didn’t even realize it until when the day was over and I walked back into the class and saw them on the desk.  I will do my best to message everyone individually and let you know if there was anything out of the ordinary on them.

Again, Welcome Back!  And here is to a fun wrapping up of the school year! 🙂