Happy Hanukkah!

We hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and have enjoyed celebrating Hanukkah with your families!

Tonight we will continue the Hanukkah festivities and we will participate in the Dubow Preschool Hanukkah Play!  I’m sorry for the late reminder, hopefully every family received an email from me over the weekend reminding them about the show.  I could not post a blog since my internet at home is down, but hopefully everyone got the email I sent from my mobile.  I’m so sorry and very apologetic for any issues my miscommunication may have caused…

Please drop off your little ones to our classroom at 5:15 p.m.  You will be able to go and get a great seat for your photo and video taking pleasure, and then enjoy the show!



We would also like to request your presence at our class Hanukkah party on Wednesday!

After drop off on Wednesday (8:45) we are hoping to have a few family volunteers who can help us peel and grate potatoes… and help us fry up some latkes!  Join us at 10:00 am as we all enjoy eating our latke feast and make our own Hanukkah cupcakes.  We will also be drawing with some dreidels that the children made and making our very own shamash candles… parent participation is always welcome!  At 10:30 we will be having Jewish studies and then heading out to the playground (weather permitting) for some fun.  Feel free to join us..  We would appreciate potato expert volunteers and would love to have you join us in our celebration.

Potatoes and oil have already been graciously donated to the class, but it would be great if someone could bring in some kosher applesauce and please let me know if you can help fry! 🙂  The candle making and card making supplies will be provided by our class… and the dizzy drawing dreidels have already been made by our kofim!  And when you leave don’t forget to take all of the great artwork that your child has made as we have celebrated Hanukkah the last couple of weeks.


Thank you to all of our families that could join us for Intergenerational Day!

IMG_4781 IMG_4771 IMG_4774 IMG_4777


This week we will be finishing up our Hanukkah celebrations and we will be exploring winter.  The chilly weather is bringing thoughts of snow and penguins and snowmen!  Yes, it is Florida, but we can dream!!  We just posted some new artwork through the front entrance and we will be putting up our class sculpture to represent winter this week as well.

As a special reminder, we would like to remind those of you packing cold lunches to remember to pack kosher foods.  Prepackaged foods  should be marked with appropriate kosher symbols and foods from other facilities are not allowed (for example restaurant leftovers).  We thank you for your diligence in this and for helping us maintain this as a kosher facility!!  Thank you!!



See you soon!  It is almost SHOWTIME!  🙂