Have a great summer!



Again, we hope that you all have a great summer.  It has been a pleasure getting to know each one of your children in such a fun and fabulous way!  We hope to see you again soon, either this summer or next year back in school!


I can remember back to the first few weeks of school, and when I look at the kids now I am amazed at how much they have grown.  They are all a little taller and helping them with their clothes and shoes it is easy to tell that they have all gotten a little bit bigger.  But they each had their individual lessons that we have been working on, and the individual growth that each of them have accomplished not only because of what we do in school but also because of the things that many of you do at home… well it’s inspirational to watch.

Throughout the year we have tried to continuously work with the kids on many concepts, but specifically in addition to Jewish holidays we have consistently talked about the concepts of ‘mitzvah’ and being a ‘mensch’.  These last few weeks to think about the comparisons of the beginning of the year to now, one of the main areas of growth that is so fun to watch is how well they play with each other and how well they using their words to communicate with each other.

We are so proud of them all!  And we know you are too…


Have a wonderful summer!  And if you are at all interested in more information regarding the summer camp that we put on full of summer fun for the kids, contact the office for more information. 🙂