High Holidays are Upon Us!

These Kofim cuties are always on the go!

We have been spending this last month getting ready for the High Holidays.   In Jewish Studies, Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel had the little ones practice Tashlich, the ritual where we “take the bad things that we did”  and “put” them in a piece of bread and throw them away in the pond!

We also learned about Yom Kippur through the Torah story of Jonah and the whale.   And now it is time to talk about Sukkot!  We have been working hard in class painting beautiful, colorful fruit to hang in our very own Sukkah here at the JJC.  Look for it!  Our pieces will have “Kofim I” written on them.

In science and gardening with Ms. Heather, we have been planting seeds, learning how rain happens, and talking about bridge construction!  The Kofim bunch even got build their own bridges with blocks and construction paper to see which one was the strongest!

As you can see from the pictures below, we also just have tons of fun!  Play doh is one of our favorite things to do, which helps strengthen our fine motor skills.  For our gross motor skills, the playground is where they love to be; there they love to run, jump, climb, slide, and swing.

Enjoy these cute picutres…unitl next month!


Ms. Billie & Ms. Brooke

Family Love!
Learning about different apples for Rosh Hashana
Pretend “pond” for Tashlich
Planting seeds!
Comparing and contrasting apples for Rosh Hashana!
Preschool wide Shabbat!
So MUCH fun in Music Class with Ms. Emily!
Circle time!
We painted with vegatables in Gardening!
Science fun with baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide
Sweet friends
September 1st Birthday Girl!
This guy is sooo excited by his awesome stacking skills!!
constructing bridges!
Painting fruit for Sukkot
Seriously?!?! Does it get any cuter?!?!
Playground fun is a favorite!
Sweet brothers!
Just some girls doing some coloring 🙂