How many Kofim fit on a manatee??



This week we had a special visitor during our Discovery Science time!  A representative from The River Keeper came into our school and taught us all about who lives in the river and how we can help keep the river clean.  After all, the river belongs to *all* of us!

We read books and learned about the life of manatees and river otters.  We learned why river water may look ‘dirty’ even though it isn’t dirty at all!

We also all stood on top of a paper shaped manatee that showed us exactly how big a real manatee is.  And in case you were wondering.. how many Kofim fit on a manatee?  The answer:  Many!  And we can even throw in some doobonim too!

A big Todah Rabah for Mr. Greg, who organized the event.  And also a special thank you to the river keeper for teaching us such valuable lessons in such an engaging way!