It’s a Match!



Every week we have a ‘theme’ unit.  Themes allow us to explore different things, discover new interests and gain new vocabulary, and also just keep things fresh!  During every theme though we explore similar concepts.  During our week we are constantly counting, matching, sorting, and allowing manipulatives for free play.  We discuss beginning literacy concepts like letter recognition and letter ‘sounds’ as well.  Here is a fun picture of one of our students… As we were working on a sticker activity (peeling off those backs of stickers makes for great fine motor practice!!) one of our students noticed that the snowman sticker matched snowmen on our boards!  It turned into a great discussion about how the two were alike and different, which one was bigger or smaller, their colors, etc.  Every day we are talking about different things and making new connections.  It’s always fun to see where the day takes us!  🙂