Kofim Classroom Newsletter 10/15/2012-10/19/2012

Highlights of this Week:

Fall arrived in our classroom last week!  We made some amazing fall trees, discovered what was inside a pumpkin and enjoyed eating the seeds.

Coming Up Next Week:

  We will continue working on our fall unit, learning about forest animals such as the opossum and fox, learning about Indian corn, making corn muffins (on Tuesday)and building scarecrows. If anyone knows their child is allergic to hay please let me know as soon as possible !!!!! We will be playing in the hay this week so don’t be surprised if you find it in odd places!!!!  At the end of this week (& beginning of next week) we will be making scarecrows so please send in an old pair of pants and long sleeve shirt that your child has out grown if you would like for your child to make one.  It will be our turn to do the sculpture in the front hall way for November so we are starting to work on it too.


Home Learning Opportunities:

Go for a walk and see if you see any signs of fall in your neighborhood.  Check out the squirrels and see if you see any collecting any acorns.


Dates to Remember:

Nov. 9-Parent/teacher conferences -No preschool-KC by reservation

Nov.13 Inter-generational Day

Nov. 22 &23- Thanksgiving Holidays- No preschool or KC

Picture day has been rescheduled!


Wednesday 11/14  –  for our kids who come on this day

Thursday 11/15  – for our kids who do not come on Wednesdays

OUR CLASS PHOTO- Friday 11/16  (If your child does not normally come on this day, please try to bring him/her in for class photo and stay to celebrate Shabbat at 9 am with us!)

**An order form for the class photo has been sent home.  Please send in the order soon.  You will receive photo proofs and ordering information on individual photos the week after our pictures are taken!


Parent Reminders:

   Nov. 9th is conference day.  If you have a special time you need please let me know ASAP as I’m doing the schedule for times for conferences this week. 


Aba & Ema: Tavi & Zachary

Shabbat box: Reba

Shabbat book: Sadie


Hebrew word of the week: adom – red