Kofim Korner Aug.26 – Aug.30, 2013

Ms. Cheryl & Ms. Amanda

Highlights of the past week:
We spent the week learning about apples! We compared color, taste, size, and texture. We learned about the star inside and also talked about its parts. We also worked on our special cards for Rosh Hashanah.
Coming Up Next Week:
We will be continuing our unit on Rosh Hashanah and learning about more of its symbols. We will be painting round challah covers, making apple and honey plates, making a shofar and learning to blow the shofar. On Tuesday for cooking we will be making honey cake. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday please wear clothes that can get messy!

Resource classes:
Mon.-Discovery (Science)-9:45
M&W-Jewish Studies @10:35
Tues. -Cooking @ 9:00
Fitness @10:45 (please wear sneakers)
Thurs.-Music @10:45
Fri- Shabbat @ 9:00

Note the change of days for Music and Fitness

Home Learning Opportunities:
Blow your own shofar for your child and let them practice blowing their shofar. Go to the store and let your child help pick out the round challah or bake one from scratch.

Dates to Remember:
Sept. 2 -Labor Day -No school or KC.
Sept. 4- Noon dismissal. KC till 5.
Sept.5 – Rosh Hashanah No School or KC.
Sept.6 – Rosh Hashanah No School or KC.
Sept. 13- Noon dismissal- ErevYom Kipper. KC till5.
Sept. 18- Noon dismissal. KC till 5.
Sept.19 – Sukkot- No School or KC.
Sept. 20- Sukkot- No school or KC.
Sept.23- Kofim in school Sukkah hop
Sept. 25-Noon dismissal.
Sept.26-Shemini Atzeret- No School or KC.
Sept.27-Simchat Torah-No school or KC.
Parent Reminders:
Don’t forget your school supplies.
Bring Tzedukah (a can of food or change in a Ziploc bag)
for Friday.

Hebrew word of the week:
Tashlich-the ceremony of throwing bread crumbs into a body of water symbolizing getting rid of the bad things.