Kofim Korner

Highlights of the Past Week:

We had a busy week!!   We made honey cake,  got our honey and apple plates ready, painted round challah covers, got to hear the shofar blown, practiced blowing it ourselves, we started seed for our garden  and made an ecosystem  with Mr. Greg !!!!!  Thanks to all who came to Open House!!!  The children loved your notes.

Coming Up Next Week:

We have a short week this week.   No School on Monday and Tuesday.  We will be working on Sukkot projects Wednesday Thursday and Friday.  We will be learning about different kinds of fruit, comparing size, shape, color, and taste.  We will be making paper fruits to hang in the sukkah we will be making in our class and in the big sukkah outside. We will start making our lulav and etrog. We will also practice cutting with scissors and going to see the sukkah for a before and after view.

Home Learning Opportunities:

Have your child name the fruits and veggies in the grocery store ad pictures, then practice cutting out the fruits and veggie pictures.  Tearing them out is ok too!  Tearing also helps build finger strength too.  Send your cut or torn out fruits and veggies into school so we can see them too!

Dates to Remember:

Sept.17 – Rosh Hashanah No School or KC. Preschool Family Service at 10 AM – all are invited.

Sept.18 – Rosh Hashanah No School or KC.  Preschool Family Service at 10 AM – all are invited.

Sept.25 – Erev Yom Kippur 12:00PM dismissal – KC closes @ 5:00PM

Sept.26 -Yom Kippur-No School or KC.  Preschool Family Service at 10 AM – all are invited.

Oct. 1 – Sukkot No school or KC.

Oct. 2 – Sukkot No school or KC.

Oct.8 – Shemini Atzeret  No School or KC.

Oct. 9 – Simchat Torah No school or KC

Parent Reminders:

Bring Tzedukah (a can of food or change in a Ziploc bag) for Friday.

Aba & Ema: Jaden & Reba    Shabbat box: Tavi    Shabbat book: Sophie

Hebrew word of the week: B’Vakasha – please