Kofim News Nov.05 – Nov.09, 2012


Highlights of this Week:

 We were very excited to learn how to make paper in the Discovery Studio with Mr. Greg.  We also made yummy veggie soup, tasting and comparing size, shape, color, texture and smell of the veggies and we painted with veggies.  We also put up our sculptures in the front hallway please come by to see them.

 Coming Up Next Week:

We will learn about the Pilgrims, how they lived, dressed and why they shared a feast with the Native Americans.  We will be learning about working together for a common goal.  On Tuesday we will be making/ cooking stuffing.

We will also be working on our Intergenerational Day project this week, so please be sure to send in the photos of your family.


Home Learning Opportunities:

Drive around in your neighborhood and see if you can find a log house.  (There is one on San Jose near Orange Picker Rd. and one on Mandarin Rd.)  Go to the library and check out some books about the pilgrims.


Dates to Remember:

Nov. 9-Parent/teacher conferences -No preschool-KC by reservation

Nov. 11 – 7th Annual Chai Family Fun Run and Fall Festival – I’ll see you there!!!!

Nov. 14-Kofim picture Day (Individuals)

Nov.16-Kofim Class picture day

Nov.21 Inter-generational Day

Nov. 22 &23- Thanksgiving Holidays- No preschool or KC                           


Parent Reminders:


   We are planning a special event, Intergenerational Day on Nov.21 and I need your help!!!! I need a family picture and pictures of the children’s grandparents on both sides and if possible great-grandparents on both sides.  They do not have to be actual photos and can be copied on to copy machine paper if you have them in your computer.  Please call me if you have any questions.



Aba & Ema: Madyson & Sammy

Shabbat box: Tavi

Shabbat book: Mara

Kofim Book: Zachary & Sadie


Hebrew word of the week:

 Modeh Ani–I give thanks (for a boy)

Modah Ani- I give thanks (for a girl )