Land and Trees!

Last week we started our transportation unit.  The first week in that unit is all about ‘things that go’ on land!  We talked about everything from cars to trains.  We sponge painted a train and talked about the shapes of all the parts of the train, and we also used some bins and boxes to make our own train on our circle rug!  It was a great opportunity to discuss who was ‘in front of’ and who was ‘behind’.  We also tied those general concepts into the parts of the train and some new fun vocabulary.  We took turns being the conductor and also the caboose.  If you noticed your child “choo-choo’ing” as they walked through your home last week, now you know why!

We also celebrated Tu B’Shevat last week!  We painted our own flower pots and learned some new songs.  We hand stamped our own almond tree that corresponded to a song that our little ones learned for the holiday.  A representative from the PJ Library came in to read us a story about trees and how beneficial they are too us!

IMG_5483 IMG_5487


Also tying into our land and tree theme, this past week’s science lesson was connected to the Lorax.  We read the story by Dr. Seuss and we all went outside to explore for ourselves exactly what trees are used for.  We know that we use trees for our tables and chairs, paper too.  For this experiment we examined exactly what ‘lives’ in trees.  By putting a large white sheet of paper down, we could shake the tree and get a great visual of any creatures and critters that may have been living there!  We found spiders, beetles, ants, and other insects galore.  We also saw different types of leaves, pine cones and bark!

IMG_5491 IMG_5496


We are continuing our unit on transportation this week.  We will be talking about boats and other methods of transportation that involve water.  Today we glued various ocean colors of tissue paper on a large piece of paper to make the setting for us to glue on boats.  We will be reading more stories that incorporate boats and also do some crafts.

We also spent some time outside on the playground today knowing that a chill was on the way for later in the week.  With cooler weather approaching, we may not be able to go out as much as we would like.  I would like to remind everyone to make sure that the back up clothes you have provided for us are weather appropriate (ie long sleeves, pants, sweaters, sneakers).  We sometimes forget the back up clothes are in their cubbies and it is always good to change them as the seasons change.  It may be too chilly to do some of the water play activities we had planned for this unit, but we will save all of the fun for when we talk about oceans in the spring/summer!  Have a great week!