May 20 – May 24, 2013


Highlights of this Week:

We had a short week this week and we changed a few things around.  We had music on Monday with Ms. Zina; we had Jewish Studies on Tuesday and marched in a Bikkurim parade with our fruit which we donated to a food bank. We also practiced our “quiet” drill or lock-down drill as the adults call it and we did an excellent job!  We also worked on our butterfly book, made and learned about seahorses and made sand pails.

Coming Up Next Week:

We’re going to be beach bums this week!!! We are going to be learning about the beach, things you find at the beach, like sharks teeth, shells, starfish, sand dollars and sand.  We will also be learning about what you take to the beach like a towel, sunscreen (and why you wear it!), hat etc. We will also talk about things you can do at the beach, like build a sand castle, look for shells, surf, swim, sail and dive. We will also learn about different kinds of fish that live in the ocean such as sharks and clown fish.


Home Learning Opportunities:

1)Go to the beach and look for shells or sharks teeth and bring them in to class for show-n-tell.

2)Go to a pet store and look at the different kinds of fish they have in their tanks.

3) Go to a dive shop and look at the equipment they have such as dive skins, fins, masks, etc.


Dates to Remember:

May 23 – Camp Ki Tov Fun Day – wear a swimsuit, bring a towel, put on sunscreen, fill out sunscreen permission slip too!

May 27- Memorial Day- No School or KC..

June 4 -Water Day (wear your swimsuit to school).

June 11- Class end of year party.

June 13- Last day of school.



Parent Reminders:


Aba & Ema: Sammy & Reba

Shabbat box: Zachary

Shabbat book: Madyson


Hebrew word of the week: