May 27 -May31, 2013


Highlights of this Week:

We learned about chicken eggs in discovery with Mr. Greg and even put 7 eggs in an incubator to watch and see if they hatch in 28 or 29 days.  We also had another lock-down or quiet drill practice this week and did really well.  We were in a different area of the building when this lock down was called so we got to practice a different scenario than the last time.  We also learned about some different kinds of fish that live in the ocean such as sharks and clown fish.

Coming Up Next Week:

     We will be continuing our ocean life unit this week and learning about puffer fish, jelly fish, rainbow fish, and whales.  We will be comparing size color and life habits.   There is no school on Monday.  We will be cooking and making rainbow fish on Tuesday. 


Home Learning Opportunities:

1Go to the beach and look for shells or sharks teeth and bring them in to class for show-n-tell.

2)Go to an aquarium and look at the different kinds of animals that are there.

3)Go fishing.



Dates to Remember:

May 27- Memorial Day- No School or KC..

June 4 -water day (wear your swimsuit to school).

June 11- Class end of year party.

June 13- Last day of school.

6/17     Camp Ki Tov Begins


Parent Reminders:

Aba & Ema: Sammy & Reba

Shabbat box:  Tavi

Shabbat book: Reba


Hebrew word of the week:

kaiyeetz -summer