Nov. 12- Nov.16, 2012

Highlights of this Week:

 We had a short week  due to conference day on Friday, but we had a lot of fun learning. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we learned about pilgrims and made stuffing from scratch!!! You could smell the onions and garlic down the hall!!  We also learned about sinking and floating in the Discovery Center and we were surprised at some of the things that floated when we thought they would sink (like the pumpkin). 

Coming Up Next Week:

We will be learning about Native Americans.  We will make headbands, tee-pees, totem poles, canoes and even learn a few Native American words.  It was our turn to make the sculptures for the front hallway so be sure to check out our turkeys.  They turned our really cute.  We will continue learning about working together for a common goal.  We will also be working on our projects for Inter-generational day so please send in your family photos or copies ASAP if you have not done so already. We also have Individual pictures taken on Wednesday and class pictures are supposed to be taken on Friday this week. If your child does not come on Wednesday they can have their individual picture taken on Thursday.  I would like to have the class picture taken on THURSDAY too when most everyone comes to school on that day.  I am trying to get this worked out and will let you know for sure on Monday.   Please let me know if anyone has a problem with the class picture being taken on Thursday.  Thanks

Home Learning Opportunities:

 Talk to your child about what you are doing for Thanksgiving. Are you having a feast at your house or are you going somewhere else?  What are you having to eat?  Let your child name some veggies and discuss if they are on the menu.  We have also been talking about floating and sinking  and a good place to practice this is in the bathtub!! Have your child discover which of his toys sink or float.  Come in and share the discovery!


Dates to Remember:

Nov. 14-Kofim picture Day (Individuals)

Nov.16-Kofim Class picture day  (may be changed)

Nov.21 Inter-generational Day

Nov. 22 &23- Thanksgiving Holidays- No preschool or KC                    



Parent Reminders:


Aba & Ema: Tavi & Zachary

Shabbat box: Logan

Shabbat book: Sadie

 Kofim book: Teagan & Mara

Hebrew word of the week:

Modeh Ani -I give thanks  (for a boy)

Modah Ani – I give thanks  (for a girl)