Nov. 26th-Nov. 30, 2012

Highlights of this Week:

We learned about high and low in Discovery Studio with Mr. Greg.  We practiced for our Intergenerational day event and we cooked lots and lots of muffins.  Thanks to all who could come for this special day!!!!


Coming Up Next Week:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  We have so much to be thankful for!!!

It’s hard to believe but Chanukah will be here before you know it!!!  This week we will start learning about Menorahs, candles, the shamash’s job and a little bit about fire safety. We will be working on our special presents for our parents and start making our costumes that we are going to wear for the Chanukah dinner and program that is on Dec. 10.  We will also be having a “mystery” guest cook on Tuesday for cooking!

Home Learning Opportunities:

Discuss with your child what you are going to do for the holidays.  Go to our gift shop and look at all the different kinds of menorahs they have there.

Dates to Remember:

 Dec.10- Hanukkah program / dinner

Dec. 12- our class Hanukkah party!

Dec. 17- Jan.  2-Winter break

Jan. 18- preschool in- service day No school / KC by reservation only        


Parent Reminders:

Aba & Aba:  Barrett & Logan

Shabbat box: Barrett & Logan

Shabbat book: Sammy

Kofim Book:  Sadie


Hebrew word of the week:

Chanukiyah- 9 branched candle holder  (often called menorah) used on Chanukah


Subject: Chanukah is the 8 day holiday of re-dedication because of the Maccabees winning the war against the Syrian-Greeks and re-kindling the lights in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. We learn that the most important mitzvah to do on Chanukah is to light the chanukiyah, one additional candle each night using the shammash as the helper.  We enjoy spinning the dreidel and singing about the brave Maccabees. Eating latkes (made with oil like the lights in the Holy Temple) is yummy!  Getting presents is fun but giving is even better!