Oct. 14 -18, 2013

Highlights of this Week:

Fall arrived in our classroom this week!  We went for a walk and felt fall’s cooler air and even picked up some pine needles to paint with.  We learned about some fall vegetables such as Indian corn & pumpkins, discovered what was inside a pumpkin and that squirrels, Daisy and Petunia and we all like corn on the cob.   We got excited that our beans have sprouted in the garden.  We played in hay & made scarecrows out of hay & we learned about super hero strength in Discovery. Thank you to everyone who came to Parents back to school night. I hope it helped you to see how your child spends their time during the day.  



Coming Up Next Week:

Monday is “super hero” day so please wear your favorite super hero costume.

We will be learning about some fall forest animal such as the fox, opossum, squirrel, owl and turkey and what they do during the fall to get ready for the winter.  We will be playing “possum” and doing the turkey scratch.  We will be cooking and tasting our fall squash such as acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash on Tuesday.  Ask us which we liked best!!



Home Learning Opportunities:

1.    Go for a fall walk and enjoy the cooler air. See if you see any signs of fall in your neighborhood.  Look for signs of raccoons, and opossums, & listen for owls.



Dates to Remember:

OCT.14- Super hero dress-up day.

Oct.22-Deadline for Conference Day forms.

Oct. 28 -31- Picture week! (Candid on Monday & Indv. On Wed.)                     



   Nov. 1st is conference day.  Let me know if you have not gotten a conference time or need to change times.      


Aba & Ema: Isabel & Zachai

Shabbat box: Mayer

Shabbat book: Josh


Hebrew word of the week:

Katome -orange