Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2012


Ms. Cheryl & Ms. Alex

Highlights of Last Week:

We had a great week of critter encounters this week!  We went for a fall walk to see if we could find some fall leaves and found two baby raccoons, some Canadian geese, some green tree frogs, a couple of lizards and a giant caterpillar!!! ( But not very many fall leaves yet).  We also finished our scarecrows and they are having a “sit in” in our room, come in and check them out. We also  enjoyed learning how to make bubbles without blowing in the Discovery Studio with Mr. Greg.

Coming Up Next Week:

We are going to start learning about Thanksgiving, some of it’s symbols such as the turkey and cornucopia, and discuss some things that we are thankful for.   We will be cooking Veggie soup this week.  Please cheek the list below for a veggie or ingredient your child needs to bring in on Monday or Tuesday.  Everyone needs to bring in 1 ear of corn and  their assigned ingredient.

Madyson     3-small yellow squash &  3 zucchini squash

Toby  1  large can of tomato juice

Sam   1 large can of tomato juice

Reba  1-bag of frozen corn

Logan and Barret    2- pkgs of  mushrooms

Sadie    1 pkg. of celery & 1 green pepper

Teagen    1 frozen bag of peas and carrots

Jayden  1 bag of frozen Lima beans

Tavi   1- bag of green beans( Aprox.  1 LB)

Sophie  1 bag of potatoes

Mara   6 White onions

Zachary  1 box of VEGETABLE broth


   We are planning a special event, Intergenerational Day on Nov.21 and I need your help!!!! I need a family picture and pictures of the children’s grandparents on both sides and if possible great-grandparents  on both sides.  They do not have to be actual photos and can be copied onto copy machine paper if you have them in your computer.  Please call me if you have any questions.

Home Learning Opportunities:

Take your child to the store with you and let him/her help you pick out their assigned  ingredient  to bring.  Go down the produce isles and discuss what should go in a veggie soup and maybe make some for your family.


Dates to Remember:

Nov. 9-Parent/teacher conferences -No preschool-KC by reservation

Nov. 14-Kofim Picture Day (Individuals)

Nov.16-Kofim Class picture day

Nov.21 Intergenerational Day

Nov. 22 &23- Thanksgiving Holidays- No preschool or KC                    


Parent Reminders:

   Nov. 9th is conference day.  Please return your conference sheet if you have not done so already. Thanks


Aba & Aba:  Logan &Barrett

Shabbat box: Reba

Shabbat book:  Sammy


Hebrew word of the week: