Oct.7- Oct.11, 2013

Highlights of this Week:
Yeah! Back to school for a full week!!!! We tried to get back in routine. We had fun on Monday in Discovery with Ms. Melanie learning about ways that we can use simple machines to become Super Heroes. We each got to fly using the I-pad and we had balloon races.  We also used pulleys, wheels and axles and many other tools!

IMG_9604 IMG_9597



In our class we started learning about fall leaves, trees, acorns and squirrels. We went for a fall walk and acorn hunting. We also planted some fall veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, peas and beans in our garden. On a more serious note, On Wednesday we had our first “lock down” drill or as we call them in our class a “Quiet “drill. It was a practice so we could talk to the children and teach them what to do in a “Quiet” drill such as staying inside and being quiet with the lights out verses what we do for a “fire” drill which is loud and we exit the building and meet in a designated area (we also practiced it too this week). As always your child’s safety is important to us!! I am happy to say we did great!! The checkers said they didn’t hear or see a peep and the children were calm and unafraid.
Coming Up Next Week:
If anyone knows their child is allergic to hay please let me know as soon as possible !!!!!

(I would like to bring in a bale of hay for the children to play with.)

We will be learning about the “in’s and out’s “of fall vegetables that grow in the garden such as pumpkins, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and Indian corn. We will paint with some, cook and eat some. We will be painting different ways with corn on Tuesday and Wednesday so wear clothes that can get very messy. We will also be cooking corn muffins on Tuesday. We will learn a new fun fall word -cornucopia. We will be making scarecrows on Thursday and Friday so Please send in one of your child’s old &/or out grown shirts and a pair of pants or jeans in a bag labeled “for scarecrow” if your child would like to make one.

Home Learning Opportunities:
1.) Go for a walk and see if you see any signs of fall in your neighborhood. Check out the squirrels and see if you see any collecting any acorns.
2.) Go for a fall walk in your neighborhood, look for fall leaves and discuss their colors. If your leaves have started to fall, rake them up into a pile, jump into them or walk on them and listen to the sounds they make. Have a leaf toss.
3.) Go to a pumpkin patch or any place that sells pumpkins and look at the different kinds there are. Check out the different kinds of gourds and other fall veggies too!! Discuss what can be made from a pumpkin, squash, or corn.

Dates to Remember:
Oct.8 –Parent back to school night @7:00.
OCT.14- Super hero dress-up day.
Oct.22-Deadline for Conference Day forms.
Oct. 28 -31- Picture week! (Candid on Monday & Indv. On Wed.)

Parent Reminders:
Please send in 1 ear of corn.

Nov. 1st is conference day. If you have a special time you need please let me know ASAP as I’m doing the schedule of times for conferences soon.

Aba & Ema: Alex & Remelina
Shabbat box: Arthur
Shabbat book: Isabel

Hebrew words of the week:
Kitan- small & pumpkin-Da Laat


We are planning a special event, Inter-generational Day on Nov.21 and I need your help!!!! I need a family picture and pictures of the children’s grandparents on both sides and if possible great-grandparents on both sides. They do not have to be actual photos and can be copied on to copy machine or printer paper if you have them in your computer. Please call me if you have any questions.