Pictures for you!

The last couple of months have gone by sooo fast!  We’ve had Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and lots of COLD weather!

Here in Kofim we stay super busy between it all.  We explore in Science, create art and just have fun 🙂

Enjoy some picture from the last few months…


Ms. Billie and Ms. Brooke

Gotta be safe in Science! 😉
Check up anyone?! 😉
We have sooo much fun in Music Class with Ms. Emily
Shabbat with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam
Jewish studies starts with prayers from their very own Siddur
Baby kisses
Helping a friend
Learning those shapes!
Bundled up friends
Even our play doh helps us learn shapes!
We learn Soooo much in science with Ms. Heather!
Exploring outside
Best Friends
Thanksgiving Show
Learning about Hanukkah
Sensory fun and art All in One!
A little “Latke” practicing for the big Hanukkah Show!
Making “menorahs” during our Hanukkah party our of bananas, pretzels and marshmallows!
Hanukkah part fun with parents
Such a good helper!
Making arctic animals tracks!