Planets and Stardust…

To round out our week of space we had a few more fun activities…

We hung some metallic paper ‘stardust’ from our ceiling and let the kids have a good time.  We imagined what it must be like to ride the tail of a shooting star and everyone had fun with it.  We used our classroom timer to ensure that everyone had a turn and it was a fun lesson in patience and personal space. 🙂

IMG_6184 IMG_6186 IMG_6196 IMG_6194 IMG_6199 IMG_6202 IMG_6193 IMG_6189


Previously we had used black pieces of paper with white chalk to make moon shapes.  For the next step we decided to give a variety of colors and color the whole table with black paper to let them really use as much space as they had to work with.  They had a great time!

IMG_6210 IMG_6222 IMG_6220 IMG_6218


We also added in a fun and unexpected fine motor activity.  We let the kids peel the paper off of crayons.  This activity really lets us practice some fine motor finger movements, and the funny part was… none of our kids wanted to do it!  They all knew very well the way we keep our crayons in good working order is to keep the paper on and not to break them.  We had to ensure them that we had “special” crayons that were only for this activity, and after that everyone had a good time.  After peeling and breaking the crayons, we melted them and we made crayon ‘planets’ with them.  Spacial thanks to Ms. Billie for taking them out of the oven for us!! 🙂

IMG_6237 IMG_6293