Sea Life and Beach Fun!

This week we are diving right into Beach Fun and Ocean Life!

We added hidden seashells into our class sand box.  There are shells of all different shapes and sizes, and we have really enjoyed talking about ‘collections’!  These shells are great to hide, find, count and describe!


So far we have each painted an octopus using a common dish scrubber.  It gives a little bit of a different texture than typical sponge painting, but we also used brushes, sponges, and even our hands!  We are creating an ocean life mural on our back windows and the octopi have already been added to our deep blue sea!

IMG_7901 IMG_7904 IMG_7906 IMG_7907 IMG_7910 IMG_7922


The kids also made jelly fish!  Take a small plastic cup, yarn, a bit of Elmer’s glue and some creativity and we made our own tangly blobs of tentacle fun!  They are still drying, but when they are dry and we turn them upside down… we hope that they will look great!  Don’t worry, they don’t sting! 🙂



As one of our morning coloring projects we used crayons on an image of a clown fish in an anemone.  Once they were done coloring the picture, we let them glue bits of an inexpensive duster that had anemone finger-like projections on it.  We are not quite finished with the project, but here is a photo of our work in progress… We have more photos and more anemone legs to add.



We also used artist watercolor paper and watercolor paint to paint ocean backdrops.  After they dry we will be adding sand, sand dollars, starfish and sharks teeth to the photos to create a beautiful scene.

IMG_7916 IMG_7920 IMG_7917


To top it off…. today was our class WATER DAY!  As you can see we have already had a *very* busy two days.  This should be a fun week!