Sept. 16-Sept 27, 2013

Highlights of this Week:
We have been learning about Sukkot and making fruits to decorate the Sukkah (& reviewing our colors). We made a yummy fruit salad on Tuesday and we got to see the sukkah as it is being put together. We learned about hot air and rockets,  and we also met some unusual bugs in Discovery.  We also have a new friend… Welcome to our class, Alex!


Coming Up Next Week:
We will be learning about our 5 senses, our bodies and reviewing our body parts. We will be making hand and feet prints and looking at them with a magnifying glass, we will be making Oblick (this is a mixture we play in with our hands but do not eat!!! It feels really cool), learning to follow our “nose” by painting with “smelly” paints and cooking muffins on Tuesday and “seeing or not seeing” by learning about our eyes and hair on Wednesday. We will also be starting our Simchat Torah flags. We have another short week this week. Wednesday is noon dismissal and no school on Thursday and Friday 9/19 & 9/20 as we will be celebrating Sukkot.

We will continue reviewing and learning about our 5 senses and body. We will be learning about our bones and skeletons on Monday, doing a “taste” test and learning about our mouth and tongue on Tuesday and listening with our ears on Wednesday. We will finish making our flags and march with them in the synagogue this week too. We have noon dismissal on Wednesday and no school on Thursday and Friday 9/26 & 9/27 as we will be celebrating Sh’mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

Home Learning Opportunities:
1. Help your child measure you or another family member and compare your size to theirs.
2. “Follow your nose”-discuss different smells around your house or neighborhood (good and bad ones!)
3. Eat in your own sukkah or come to School and eat in ours!!
4. Listen to different kinds of music like classical or Big band
5. Come dance with us for Simchat Torah!

Dates to Remember:

Sept. 18- Noon dismissal. KC till 5.
Sept.19 – Sukkot- No School or KC.
Sept. 20- Sukkot- No school or KC.
Sept.23- Kofim (in school) Sukkah hop.
Sept. 25-Noon dismissal.
Sept.26-Shemini Atzeret- No School or KC.
Sept.27-Simchat Torah-No school or KC.
Oct.7 –Parent back to school night.

Parent Reminders:
Sneakers for fitness on Tuesday!
Hebrew word of the week:
Simcha- joy/happiness