Sept. 30 –Oct. 4

Highlights of this Week:
We had a fun short week. We learned about simple machines such as incline planes, levers, wheel and axel, and wedge in discovery. We made and marched with Simchat Torah flags and we went on a “sukkah hop” to see the other classes’ sukkahs. It was fun having our parents come and have lunch with us even though we didn’t get to eat in the sukkah!
Coming Up Next Week:
Fall is arriving in our class this week! We will start working on our unit on fall trees and forest animals by making fall leaves, fall trees, acorns and squirrels and pumpkins. We will be finger painting fall leaves using fall colors such as red, orange, brown and gold on Monday so dress accordingly. Tuesday we will be making acorn cakes for cooking. We are going to be planting some fall veggies in our garden this week too if it dries out!!

Home Learning Opportunities:
1) Plant a fall garden or just a few all plants in pots such as broccoli or cabbage or go to a garden center and look at all the fall plants that are in stock.
2) Go for a walk and see if you see any signs of fall in your neighborhood. Check out the squirrels and see if you see any collecting any acorns.

Dates to Remember:
Oct.8 –Parent back to school night.

Parent Reminders:
Sneakers for fitness on Tuesday!

Aba & Ema: Mayer & Madison
Shabbat box: Zachai (Return it on Monday)
Shabbat book: Joshua (Return it on Monday)

Hebrew word of the week: Katome – orange