We have begun our unit on people that help us in the community.

Our first projects were to address dental care and health.  For this we talked quite a bit about brushing our teeth, flossing our teeth, and things that can make our teeth ‘happy’ or ‘sad’.


For an art project we had two teeth, one that was happy and one that was sad with a cavity.  Our students could pick what they wanted to glue onto their collages.  For the sad tooth our friends could pick between a cookie and lollipops and could also use stickers that resembled gum use.  For our happy tooth we used an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit, milk (calcium) and toothbrushes.  They loved this activity!

IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6421


We also painted with a toothbrush!  We cut out yellow teeth that could definitely use some sprucing up!  Using white paint, we brushed the teeth white again.  I don’t think any of us had painted with a toothbrush before and so it was definitely a fun, new experience!

IMG_6470 IMG_6473 IMG_6476