Teamwork and adding a little “love” to our chicken soup pot….

My heart and Ms. Betty’s heart have been overflowing the past few days.

It has been so much fun to watch our little ones and the loving relationships they are having with each other and with others in our preschool.  They have been showing teamwork with each other, and really a desire to give back to the people that we love so much!

Every day we greet Ms. Rucha with a grand, “Good Morning, Ms. Rucha!”  She comes into our classroom to deliver our snacks, but can’t stay long because she has a cart full of deliveries to make.  During Jewish Studies she helps us sing and learn our songs.  Now, on Fridays, Ms. Rucha has a chance to come in and play with us for a little bit before she goes and gets our lunches.  This past Friday our kids had a great idea!  They said, “Let’s make Ms. Rucha our chicken soup!”  To see all of our kids really enjoying having a guest in our classroom and wanting to put on a Shabbat dinner for her… well, it was nothing short of fantastic.  With little help from Ms. Betty or I, they all put on a fabulous dinner that included homemade soup and a few Shabbat songs!

IMG_6213 IMG_6217 IMG_6216 IMG_6215


We have also enjoyed watching the free play creativity that comes up when our friends put their heads and their hearts together… Picnic anyone?



Even on the playground we have been enjoying seeing some great teamwork!  When the kids couldn’t figure out how everyone could get in the wagon at one time or they didn’t have anyone to push them… with minimal help from Ms. Betty and I they all created a plan that included taking turns and being patient and taking on different roles.  Our class is also really great with some of our younger classes too!  We really do appreciate having friends in all shapes and sizes!  And sometimes this includes being kind to our brothers and sisters.

IMG_6285 IMG_6141 IMG_6145 IMG_6163


So proud of our kofim!  Keep up the good work!!