Thank you!

Our class would like to send out a big ‘Thank you!’ to Isabel’s dad and Remelina’s mom.  For the last few weeks both of them have contributed to our wonderful garden.  Remelina’s mom was helping us plant and weed and to keep things going, and Isabel’s dad came last week and this week as well to really jump start our beds so that we will have tasty treats in no time!  We enjoy eating the things that grow in the garden, and our furry friends enjoy it too!  Here is a photo of Daisy and Petunia enjoying some carrots and roughage from our garden…

IMG_7037 IMG_7038


Since it was spring we also decided to plant some seeds!  We planted some in our garden, but we thought it would be way more fun to plant some in our classroom in such a way that we could see with our own eyes how the seed growing process occurs!  We took a wet paper towel and a ziploc bag and let the kids pick their favorite seeds.  We talked about how and why they were different shapes (you know my science heart was singing as we chatted up seed dispersal! ha!).  They could pick from pumpkin, squash, bean, and zinnia flower seeds.  Within just a few days they were sprouting and we have moved them into our garden.  We saw their roots, stems and leaves… and now we are just waiting to see what blooms!

IMG_7116 IMG_7133 IMG_7134