This week — Air Transporation

We continued our unit on transportation last week and focused on things in the air.  We talked about airplanes of all kinds, hot air balloons, blimps, etc.  We filled our sensory bin with clouds (cotton balls) and toy airplanes of various shapes and colors.  We brought in foam gliders for the class to share.  We had fun throwing the gliders from the ground and from the top of our tree house.  We tried to see how high we they would go and even tried to measure how far we could throw them.

IMG_5890 IMG_5891 IMG_5894 IMG_5895 IMG_5897 IMG_5898

For arts and crafts we painted airplanes and even made our adaptation of hand print hot air balloons.  By adding clouds we had some great conversations about ‘which balloon was behind the clouds’ or ‘which balloon was to the left of the clouds’.  It’s always so much fun to see where the kids creativity will take them!

IMG_5937 IMG_5940


Last week Ms. Melissa and I had a great meeting with Ms. Ivy!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ivy she is our gadget and techy guru at the preschool and day school.  Our meeting was very informational.  We will begin working in class on specific goal directed iPad fun for our friends.  What does that mean?  Well, we will be using ipads to not only create apps geared specifically to the levels and needs of some of our friends, but we will be able to also use virtual tools to help us reinforce some of the concepts we talk about in our themes.  Ms. Melissa’s class creatively used their iPad time to go on a virtual hot air balloon ride!  It’s one thing to talk about hot air balloons, but it’s fantastic to be able to actually show the kids what a ride would be like!  We used our time to play a transportation sound guessing game.  The app made a noise that was a different type of transportation, land or air, and as a class we guessed what it was.  The kids loved it.

We will also begin working with Ms. Melissa’s class on some early literacy initiatives.  At times our classes are going to combine to make stories and work on different tasks (letter recognition, letter sounds, early reading) using iPads and other manipulatives.  We are so excited to have these great resources at our fingertips and fun friends to be able to share and learn with!

Also we would like to give a big welcome to our new friends!

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