This week in Kofim 2

This week our crafts were centered on the Rosh Hashanah Holiday.

The kids enjoyed apples & honey for snack on Tuesday. During circle time we talked about all the different kinds of apples and their color, shape, and taste. After that we marble painted white apples with red paint.

It was so fun!

The kids love working together so we made a sensory tube using a water bottle, dried peas, rice, and mini paper apples. Their favorite part was watching the rice & beans flow through the funnel.

On Wednesday we talked about where honey comes from and read “The Very Greedy Bee. After that, we painted a beehive with bubble wrap and yellow paint. When it dried, we added honeybees. The kids really enjoyed painting with objects other then paint brushes. I think it contributes to getting their imagination going.

This week we had P.E with Coach Rebecca. She taught the kids some new warm up exercises and they enjoyed playing ball.

In Jewish Studies we sang Rosh Hashanah songs, and visited the pond to toss breadcrumbs into the water for wishes of a better year.

I Wish You All a Very Happy and Sweet Rosh Hashanah!

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