To the Moon!

This week we are heading to outer space!

Our class cleaned up our clouds today and we loaded up our sensory bin with some new goodies.  We have some pom-pom planets and some pipe cleaner rings to go around them.  You may even see a shooting star or two in there.  We will be doing some fun arts and crafts this week to reflect our theme.  Today we had Science and Jewish Studies, but we still had time to make some confetti rockets and moon chalk drawings.

We talked a little about the phases of the moon, with a focus on how the moon looks like it has different shapes!  Using chalk, we drew our moons in both circle and crescent forms.  We drew stars in the sky and even a few rockets blasting off…

IMG_6089 IMG_6094 IMG_6090 IMG_6095 IMG_6097

We will post more of our outer space fun as the week goes on… 🙂