We are Thankful For…

Last week our adventure through the colors of the rainbow had us identifying colors, sorting them, and even pointing out our favorites!  We also talked about shapes, everything from circles to the arc that makes up the keshet, or rainbow.

Our new link shapes make a great addition to our classroom!



We also used play silks of various colors to dance with and match on.  One large play silk has an entire rainbow on it!  We used it as a ‘parking garage’ and matched like-colored cars on it.  We threw matching bean bags on it hopscotch style.  We also had fun jumping on it and shouting out the color we landed on!

IMG_4374 IMG_4366


We also used straws to make blow paintings (with careful supervision of course!)



We picked our favorite color and painted dragonflies!  We also painted orange pumpkins, red apples, colorful leaves… all which will be used in projects this week!



And we had an unexpected surprise from a blue friend!  Cookie monster stopped by to say hello!  He was very friendly.  He didn’t bring any cookies with him, I think he ate them all before he made it into our room.



November is upon us, and we are starting the month off with turkeys galore! <gobble gobble!>

This week we will be talking about Thanksgiving.  We will be learning about the story of Thanksgiving, and also talking about and making many of the symbols of Thanksgiving.  There will be plenty of cornucopias and turkeys headed to your home soon!  In addition, we will be talking quite a bit about what it means to be ‘thankful’ and what we are all thankful for.

We have a busy month ahead as we prepare for Thanksgiving, Intergenerational Day, and Hanukkah, Oh My!  As we all start off the month reflecting for what we are thankful for, I know that Ms. Betty and I are very thankful for all of our kofim that we have so much fun with!