Welcome Back!

We hope that you all had a restful break!

This week we purposefully took things slowly so that we could transition the kids back into our normal routines, and also introduce them to some new concepts that we added over the break.  Our theme this week was Shabbat.  It was a theme that everyone could relate to and was familiar to everyone, and it also encouraged us all to slow down and really appreciate the rest that we had just had.

During winter break we took the opportunity to rearrange the classroom slightly.  We opened up our kitchen area and dramatic play area since many of our kofim love that aspect of the day.  We also created an entire center devoted to fine motor.  The children have always had access to fine motor, but our goal is that by putting a designated area with a rug the kids will be encouraged to pull out puzzles, links, and many other manipulatives and enjoy them throughout the day.  Throughout the classroom we have also given the kids symbols with their names on them.  Each student has their own color and their own symbol, so it makes it easy to find their place in line and also to find a spot to sit at our table.  These spots are also coordinated to their cubbies.  These are just the beginning steps that we are taking as we work more with name recognition, letters and literacy, numbers and other concepts.

Today we baked challah.  The whole indoor playroom next to the kitchen smelled delicious!  The kids enjoyed working with the dough and also worked very hard to learn braids, twists and knots.  We also took the time to create some original loaves and had enough to send a small loaf with all of our families and we even shared some with some of the staff.  It was so much fun we will be doing it again and maybe even off and on throughout the year.



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