Winter Break is almost here!

We can’t believe that tomorrow is our last day before winter break!  We hope all of you enjoy the next two weeks, and when we get back in January we will be jumping right into learning all about Shabbat and Things that Go!  We already have planned some fun projects for January and so we hope you all get some added rest, enjoy extra snuggles, and know that when we start back in January we will be ready to have a blast!

On a personal note, Ms. Betty and I would like to thank all of our families for the support and appreciation you have shown us through the last couple of months and especially through the holiday season.  We definitely feel blessed to be able to have so much fun with your little ones, and we can’t wait to finish out the year on a great note!  We would also like to acknowledge Ms. Taylor.  Tomorrow is her last day at the Dubow Preschool and so many of our students love her so!  We wish her well on her journey and hope she knows that she will stay in our hearts!



This week and last week we have enjoyed talking about general winter themes..



We talked about winter clothing…

.IMG_5105 IMG_5015 IMG_5012


We talked about various winter animals… everything from polar bears to penguins.



We talked quite a bit about ‘cold and hot’ concepts and also about snow in general.  We made snowmen, of course!  We walked with the children outside to collect sticks for arms and hands.  Then we allowed them to just have fun with it and create their own snowmen.  Their works of art were very creative and abstract!  Then, we sat down with each child individually and helped them construct a snowman by talking about various shapes and parts of the body… It was a great activity!

IMG_5008 IMG_5011 IMG_5010 IMG_5005


And we also talked about how winter will be coming to an end before we know it!  The snow that we talked about will melt as the earth and air warm, and as the sun shines down spring will begin to emerge.  For this activity we painted the snow and made it melt away.  We used cotton balls and watercolors… Some kids painted on the cotton balls, others used the cotton balls to do their painting.  They were pretty proud of their artwork!

IMG_4984 IMG_4985 IMG_4986 IMG_4987


We will miss you all, but as we spend some time with our families we will be busy preparing for when we get back!  We will start general letter, number and name recognition.  Our first week we will be learning all about Shabbat and then the rest of January we will be focusing on transportation of all types. We are also going to be adding some new items to our classroom and really getting ready to get back into the SWING of things!



Have a great break!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Betty